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Welcome to Our Passion for Unparalleled Restroom and Shower Solutions

Have you ever judged the quality of a place by the cleanliness and smell of their bathrooms? We know we have—which is why we’re passionate about providing awesome restroom and shower trailers for your events, commercial remodels, and emergency response.
We all have increasingly high standards when it comes to facilities and (as weird as it sounds) we actually get excited knowing that our restrooms can create an entirely different experience for your audience. We love working with professionals in each industry to make your project extraordinary!

Together, with our outstanding team, we are passionate about delivering exceptional service to you—our customers! When we’re not at work, you can find us enjoying the great outdoors through skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. We’re also (self-proclaimed) coffee and ice cream connoisseurs who are passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs and staying involved in our community and church. We’re continually humbled by our community of customers. You are the reason we’re able to continue our family-run business and are forever grateful for you.
Restroom and Shower Trailer

Midwest Roots

Restroom Trailer Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska and we are grounded in midwest values. Being near your location means high travel costs don’t get passed down to you and you’ll get service that feels like we’re next door.

Exceptional Service

Our team is dedicated to making your rental process smooth and easy. We are committed to renting out only the highest quality restroom and shower trailers.

Hospitality First

When it comes to serving your guests or employees, we believe the details matter. It’s our goal to help you create a welcoming environment that is rooted in caring for others.

Experience the Difference!

Contact us today to elevate your event or project with our exceptional restroom and shower solutions. Let's create a pristine, unforgettable experience together!