Commercial Four-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Breckenridge

Portable restroom trailer parked outside a store.

With over 187 ski trails across five massive Colorado peaks, Breckenridge is home to some of the most rewarding experiences any outdoor enthusiast would love. Couple that with the many breweries, hotels, venues, and outdoor events, and you have a formula for all kinds of fun and exciting gatherings.

Of course, serving all those attendees is a lot easier said than done. It requires precision logistics, including restroom facilities, to ensure they remain as comfortable as possible. That is where our locally owned and operated team at Restroom Trailer Colorado can help. We provide luxurious and amenity-rich four-stall restroom trailers for any event around the area.

Why Choose a Four-Stall Restroom Trailer?

Put simply, you want one of our four-stall restroom trailers when you require a way to maintain the continuity of your event. Instead of an unsightly blue box that immediately conjures unwanted smells or cramped spaces, you get a fully designed outdoor facility packed full of climate-controlled environments with soft LED lighting, sinks, multiple stalls, and even Bluetooth speakers.

Working with our team enhances your events through facilities with:

  • Spacious and Comfortable Settings: Our four-stall restroom trailers measure 19’ x 11’ x 12’ with three toilets, four sinks, and one urinal for optimal and spacious accommodations.
  • Complete Privacy: These restrooms service up to 360 people over a 5-hour period with full privacy for whatever needs they may have.
  • Easy Installation: We can plug our restrooms into 110-volt, 15-amp connections or an outdoor water spigot during non-freezing temperatures. We also provide an additional quiet generator at a reasonable fee for more remote events.
  • Durability and Security: We design only with comfort and luxury in mind. That means modern facilities that are fully lockable so your guests feel safe, protected, and appreciative of your extra effort.

Where to Use Your Four-Stall Restroom Trailer in Breckenridge

Man inspecting retractable RV steps outdoors.

It doesn’t matter if you have an exclusive fundraising gala happening at any of the ski lodges in our area or a large-scale outdoor festival perched in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, we have you covered. Our mobile facilities work with events like:

  • Mountain Resort Events: A great way to expand your facilities during increased holiday weekends at ski resorts, mountain lodges, or outdoor events.
  • Elegant Outdoor Weddings: Couples love to get married around our beautiful landscapes, and our luxurious restrooms enhance the guest experience.
  • Corporate Retreats and Conferences: Hosting a team building exercise and need to ensure all your attendees feel comfortable? Rent our four-stall restroom trailers!
  • Seasonal Celebrations: Everything from winter festivals to summer sporting events are better managed with the easy-to-use infrastructure our modern restrooms provide.

Trusted Restroom Solutions from a Local Team

We love Breckenridge! This is one of the best areas in Colorado for outdoor events because of the beautiful ski mountain backdrop. We frequently work with clients ranging from weddings to pop-up Christmas markets. As a locally owned and operated team, we know how vital trustworthy, safe, and luxurious restrooms can be to enhance your next event.

Give us a call today, and let’s book your four-stall restroom trailer. This cost-effective solution is aligned with modern eco-friendly business practices, so you have a comfortable, functional, and practical solution to keeping your guests satisfied all year round.