Commercial Four-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Fort Collins

Mobile restroom trailer parked outside CVS pharmacy.

Over 168,000 people live, work, and enjoy all kinds of activities in the greater Fort Collins area. With so much diverse interest in outdoor sports, music festivals, educational gatherings, and more, it only makes sense to have the services and facilities to handle these crowds. That is precisely where our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado can help. 

You don’t want to support your local battle of the bands with a small, single-stall portable toilet. Instead, go with a luxurious four-stall restroom trailer that will leave your guests feeling well cared for and doesn’t break up the continuity of your event. These are well-equipped to handle up to 380 people over a 5-hour estimated timeframe – perfect for more significant events in and around Fort Collins. 

Why Choose a Four-Stall Restroom Trailer? 

The most important reason to utilize our carefully designed four-stall restroom trailers is convenience. Instead of massive lines and unwanted smells, you get a streamlined unit that is more than big enough for guests to check their makeup, do their business, and get back to your event eager to enjoy the food, shopping, and community involvement. 

When you work with our experienced and locally run team, you get a facility with: 

  • Spacious and Comfortable Settings: Every stall includes a sink, soft LED lighting, and complete climate control for operating all year round. 
  • Complete Privacy: Your guest’s comfort is crucial to our success. Individualized stalls that are great for the single user or small family help ensure flexible usage, no matter the event. 
  • Easy Installation: We can work with your electric connection or provide a generator for more remote settings at an additional accommodation fee. 
  • Durability and Security: Our LED lighting extends to the exterior as well, so your guests can quickly access their stall with peace of mind no animal will interrupt their activities. 

Where to Use Your Four-Stall Trailer in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is home to a wide range of populations. From college students eager to move into solid careers to parents raising a larger family, you need accommodations that work with all lifestyles. When versatility is needed, our team rushes to help. Our four-stall restroom trailer is an exceptional choice for events like: 

  • University and College Gatherings: A great way to subsidize sports, homecoming, and other academic events your regular facilities cannot manage. 
  • Music and Cultural Festivals: From art showcases to farmers markets and live outdoor concerts, our facilities enhance the guest experience. 
  • Larger Weddings: Being located in such a pristine outdoor location, our bathrooms increase the elegance of your big day. 
  • Community Markets and Fairs: Everyone loves a local fair or block party. Just be sure to call us before hosting your chili competition! 
  • Sporting Events: The Moby Arena may be great for some things, but when you want a VIP experience or are hosting a massive tailgating party, you need our four-stall restroom trailers. 

Trusted Restroom Solutions from a Locally Based Team of Experts

At Restroom Trailer Colorado, we offer hassle-free booking for your local event. We are part of Fort Collins’ business community and take great pride in providing exceptional customer service with all our bookings. We know the best way to improve an event is more than offering luxurious restrooms that improve hygiene and comfort. It is also about maintaining solid customer relationships to grow into the future. 

Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your next booking. Save time and money from trying to throw together a last-minute solution and rent one of our fantastic four-stall restroom trailers for your Fort Collins event.