Commercial Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Breckenridge

Hangar with people, plane, and restroom trailer.

There is nothing quite like watching the rush of the annual Race of the Santas happening in Breckenridge, Colorado. The unique costumes and festive spirit are only matched by the delicious hot chocolate and other food during the event. All the rewarding feelings quickly change when you cannot find a nearby restroom facility.

Even though Breckenridge is one of the most stunning locations for large-scale events, there is still a need for basic guest services. With our ten-stall restroom trailers, you are able to service those needs and maintain a luxurious and comfortable setting that elevates the overall appeal of your event.

Bringing Unmatched Luxury for Breckenridge Events

From the cherished Oktoberfest to the various large-scale events at the many ski resorts around the area, Breckenridge is packed full of exciting venues and gatherings. Our ten-stall restroom trailer helps elevate these large-scale events with a streamlined solution.

Servicing up to 750 guests over a 5-hour event period, you get benefits like:

  • High Capacity: Our versatile ten-stall restroom trailers come equipped with seven toilets, four sinks, and three urinals.
  • Elegant Design: We use sophisticated construction designed to enhance the overall aesthetics of your event.
  • Advanced Amenities: Inside each trailer is a climate-controlled environment with soft interior and exterior LED lighting for your guests’ convenience.

A Perfect Fit for Iconic Breckenridge Venues

One of the best advantages of using our premium quality ten-stall restroom trailers is adaptability. All we need is a simple electric connection, and you’re good to go. When those are not available, we can provide an additional quiet generator for a small fee. This empowers more significant events that may be located “beyond the beaten path,” like remote weddings or VIP sections of concerts. You’ll find our quality trailers at events like:

Modern small bathroom interior with glass shower.
  • Major Ski Resort Gatherings: A fantastic way to keep your attendees warm and comfortable, no matter if there is a big race or film fest.
  • Upscale Outdoor Weddings: With so much local natural beauty, Breckenridge is home to many weddings, and our luxurious trailers fit seamlessly into the ambiance of your big day.
  • Large Festivals and Cultural Events: Breckenridge is home to many larger-scale celebrations like the International Snow Sculpture Championships, Ullr Fest, and Wine Classic that need expanded guest services.
  • Corporate Retreats and Family Gatherings: It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a team-building conference or a family reunion. Our premium ten-stall restroom trailers have you covered.

Let’s Elevate Your Breckenridge Event

Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado works hard to make your ten-stall restroom trailer rental as smooth and easy as possible. You are welcome to use our online booking system or call our customer support team directly.

As a locally owned and operated small business, we rely on the positive experiences and reviews of our clients to grow. That is why we are proud of our stellar reputation for solving problems, providing exceptional service, and supporting the many events happening in the greater Breckenridge area.

Give us a call today and experience superior sanitation through a luxurious and comfortable ten-stall restroom trailer. We look forward to upscaling your event with a high-capacity solution.