Commercial Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Denver

Man walking with dog near trailer park at dusk.

Sometimes, you need way more capacity for your restroom facilities than what is available at a particular venue. Maybe you’re running this year’s Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Art Festival or have a massive block party planned for the downtime area. Either way, you need a solution that can accommodate up to 750 people over a 5-hour event capacity – precisely what we offer at Restroom Trailer Colorado.

As a leading provider of luxurious and comfortable restroom facilities, our team can deliver a ten-stall restroom trailer measuring 29’ x 12’ x 12’ that easily fits into your event footprint. This includes access to seven toilets, four sinks, and three urinals. Are you ready to expand your event infrastructure with modern and sleek facilities?

Bringing Unmatched Luxury for Denver’s Major Events

Denver is a hub of activity all year round, from massive music festivals like Decadence to opening day for the Colorado Rockies. All these events require the support and systems to safely get people in and out so they enjoy their time. Without proper restroom facilities, you’re bound to experience some issues that can lead to bad marketing and reviews down the road.

Save yourself the hassle with our premium ten-stall restroom trailers that offer:

  • High Capacity: Specially structured to handle larger crowds, making them ideal for bigger events, corporate functions, and private parties.
  • Elegant Design: We took our time to ensure a sleek, durable construction that ensures proper functionality when your guests need it most without sacrificing modern design and elegance.
  • Advanced Amenities: Each trailer is fully equipped with year-round climate control, soft LED lighting on the exterior and interior, private stalls, sinks, and all the other amenities you need to impress your guests.

A Perfect Fit for Iconic Denver Venues

Most importantly, we bring the trailer to you. We can use our 300-foot electric cord to connect to a couple of 100 Volt, 15 Amp sources or provide a generator at an additional cost if you are a little more “remote” with your location. This means we can expand capacity to Red Rocks, Denver’s Convention Center, or any of the massive crowds coming to and from Coors or Empower Fields. Our ten-stall restroom trailers work for:

Modern bathroom interior with toilet and sink.
  • Music and Cultural Festivals: Denver loves a vibrant music scene with art, creative, and food festivals happening all year round.
  • Corporate Retreats: Major corporate events require higher standards, and our upscale restrooms ensure a safe, clean, and elegant environment.
  • City-Wide Celebrations: Need a rest stop for the annual marathon or larger parades? We work closely with clients of all types, including city governments looking to expand operations.
  • Seasonal Festivals and Construction: Maybe you are partnering with multiple construction and development teams to put up holiday events or rebuild historic sites. Either way, we have you covered!
  • Private Events: From large-scale weddings to multi-family reunions, our luxurious restrooms keep everyone feeling comfortable so they can get back to dancing, laughing, and enjoying their time.

Let’s Elevate Your Denver Event

At Restroom Trailer Colorado, we pride ourselves on quality customer service from the moment you book a trailer to waving our team farewell after pickup. We live and play in the same areas you enjoy and rely on a solid reputation for excellence that ensures you get the very best in services.

Contact our team today for a cost-effective, eco-friendly, high-capacity restroom sure to boost your larger-scale events around Denver.