Commercial Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Fort Collins

Man taking selfie with trailer and pickup truck.

There is nothing like stuffing your face with incredible craft brews and foods from the internationally famous Tour de Fat Fort Collins. Of course, that gets a little more complicated whenever you cannot find an open restroom after tipping back a few too many.

With so many annual events filling the streets, shops, and restaurants of Fort Collins, it only makes sense to rent one of our customized ten-stall restroom trailers. These are luxurious and comfortable facilities that are fully mobile for your upcoming venue. We use a 300-foot line to connect to your electrical outputs or provide a handy, quiet generator for more remote situations.

Bringing Unmatched Luxury for Fort Collins Events

At 29’ x 12’ x 12’, this is a high-volume trailer for all kinds of dynamic events around Fort Collins. Whether it’s supporting any of the incredible university events at Colorado State University or sprawling festivals that take up the streets and parks, we have a solution.

This restroom option accommodates up to 750 people over a 5-hour event period, making it perfect for city-wide celebrations, larger outdoor concerts, and unique sporting events. You’ll get benefits like:

Modern restroom trailer interior design.
  • High Capacity: A highly durable restroom facility with seven toilets, four sinks, and three urinal stations.
  • Elegant Design: We go well beyond a simple portable potty, using modern and sleek design elements to upscale your various events.
  • Advanced Amenities: Your guests will love the soft LED interior and exterior lighting, year-round climate control, and private stalls.

A Perfect Fit for Iconic Fort Collins Venues

Fort Collins enjoys some of the most welcoming weather and seasonal changes. It is a stunning location for hosting weddings, corporate retreats, and so much more. Our ten-stall restroom trailers offer an exceptional way to support a large festival in City Park or integrate into a sprawling convention for comic fans. We work with clients ranging from:

  • University and College Events: Being located so close to exceptional academic institutions means we help with homecoming, parent days, annual open houses, and more.
  • Major Festivals and Cultural Events: From Downtown Fort Collins Art Week to Wine Fest Fort Collins, we ensure all your celebrations have the infrastructure needed for your guests.
  • Larger Corporate Gatherings: Fort Collins is a wonderful location for team building, industry conventions, and upskilling retreats. Our mobile facilities help keep these events on track without overtaking local hotels or restaurants.
  • Sporting Events and Tournaments: We cater to the higher demands of large-scale sporting events like the Horsetooth Half Marathon and more.

Let’s Elevate Your Fort Collins Event

Booking through Restroom Trailer Colorado has never been easier. We have a simplified online system so you can check your event date and select any additional amenities like our quiet generator. If you do have any questions, our professional, local customer support team is here to help.

Give your next event an eco-friendly, cost-effective, high-volume solution, and rent our ten-stall restroom trailer today. This is the best way to provide your Fort Collins guests with a luxurious, comfortable, and well-equipped solution for their personal needs.