Commercial Three-Stall ADA Restroom Trailer Rental in Boulder

Modern bathroom with urinals and stainless steel sink.

Boulder, Colorado, is no stranger to incredible activities, events, and gatherings. Between the Boulder Creek Festival and the annual Taco Fest, there is something for any of the 104,000 people calling this area home.

With so much crowd diversity, it can be a little challenging for organizers to find the most suitable facilities and infrastructure to meet demand. That often results in last-minute construction that tends to never meet code or efficiency.

That is where our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado can help. We provide luxurious and comfortable three-stall ADA restroom trailers perfect for any mid-sized event around Boulder.

Creating an Inclusive Event Atmosphere

The community in Boulder is full of guests needing mobility accommodations. From elderly residents packed with stories we all value to those competing in wheelchair sports, your event will need something far more reasonable than a single portable potty.

Our three-stall ADA restroom trailers are spacious, providing ample room for any age. This is just as important for families with strollers looking for a changing space for their children’s clothes or diapers.

In addition, our three-stall restrooms help boost the convenience of your event with:

  • Outdoor Changing Rooms: Between the many farmers’ markets and culturally diverse Hanuman Festival, your restrooms should be large enough for quick changes as much as reliable facilities.
  • Added Safety: The last thing you want to deal with is a guest accidentally tripping over stairs or high entryways. Our ADA-compliant restrooms include an easy-to-use ramp that minimizes the risk of accidents on your occasion.
  • Premium Amenities: Each of our mobile facilities includes climate control, soft interior/exterior LED lighting, and enough room for a wheelchair, stroller, or walker.

The Answer to Guest Comfort at Boulder Venues

Most importantly, our three-stall ADA restroom trailers bring flexibility to your event’s infrastructure. At only 20’ x 14’ x 11’, they fit seamlessly into most mid-size level events. Inside, there are three toilets, three sinks, and one urinal for your attendees’ needs. Combine that with the sleek, modern design factors, and you have an elevated sense of sophistication to your film festival, concert, and other events like:

  • Outdoor Community Events: Enjoy the dancers, displays, and food at the Boulder Creek Festival in style with our climate-controlled and fully mobile restrooms.
  • Corporate and University Functions: Whether it’s a homecoming weekend at the University or a corporate retreat in town, our three-stall restroom trailers have you covered.
  • Cultural Events: Using our portable restrooms expands the capabilities and support services of well-known cultural events like the Winter Craft Beer Festival or Boulder Bach Festival.
  • Sporting Events: It doesn’t matter if you’re tailgating the Colorado Buffaloes or enjoying a local marathon. Our restrooms ensure all guests have a safe, reliable, and enjoyable experience.
  • Private Functions: Bring a sense of elegance to your upcoming nuptials or family reunions so all ages can enjoy the celebration.
Modern bathroom with double vanity and lit mirrors

Secure Your Trailer Today!

Boulder is a vibrant community of diverse interests. There is always some kind of event happening somewhere across the area, and our three-stall ADA restroom trailers ensure you can serve as much of your crowd as possible.

Get in touch with our local customer support team today, or use our convenient online ordering form to secure your rental. With so much demand, slots tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to schedule your rental as soon as you have a solid date of your event. Thank you for choosing Restroom Trailer Colorado!