Commercial Three-Stall ADA Restroom Trailer Rental in Breckenridge

Mobile restroom trailer with accessibility ramp.

At roughly 5,000 people, Breckenridge, CO, may seem like a tiny mountain hamlet, but when it’s time to celebrate or get together with family, that population gets a lot larger quickly. Between the International Snow Sculpture Championships, numerous ski trails, and fantastic Oktoberfest, you are going to need more than a restaurant restroom to get the job done.

Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado is here to help. We provide luxurious and comfortable three-stall ADA restroom trailers for any kind of occasion. This ensures you have a modern and eco-friendly solution to keep your guests, attendees, family, and friends comfortable throughout any event.

Creating an Inclusive Event Atmosphere

Catering to the needs of so many tourists and visitors requires inclusive solutions. There are frequently multi-generational families here on vacation or corporate functions happening with necessary accommodations to meet code. While you can build a solution, that tends to take way more time and money than it is worth.

Our three-stall restroom trailers are already ADA-compliant. The added space and easy-to-use ramp help boost your attendees’ overall experience, whether a family is looking for a diaper-changing space or an elderly guest wants to avoid stairs. Our trailers offer benefits like:

  • Outdoor Changing Rooms: We can connect to your primary electricity or provide a standalone quiet generator, so your guests have a safe, climate-controlled, and soft LED-lit area for changing and using the facilities.
  • Added Safety: Our luxurious restrooms reduce the risk of older guests tripping or those with mobility issues not having an appropriate facility for their needs.
  • Premium Amenities: Each trailer is fully equipped with more than enough room to move around, interior and exterior LED lighting, and climate control so you can celebrate events all year long.

The Answer to Guest Comfort at Breckenridge Venues

The Breckenridge area looks straight out of a postcard. The amazing greenery in warmer months and the village atmosphere in winter create vibrant outdoor cultural events for which we are well known. Having a quality restroom that you can easily install in practically any location is crucial to your event’s success.

At only 20’ x 14’ x 11’, our luxurious three-stall ADA restroom trailers are capable of serving up to 270 people over a 5-hour event period. They have multiple stalls equipped with three toilets, three sinks, and one urinal in total. Add on top of that a premium design sense and spacious layout, and you get a solid solution for events like:

  • Outdoor and Resort Events: Everything from film festivals to music concerts is supported by our local resorts, and we want to help expand their guest support through elegant restrooms.
  • Corporate Retreats: Brands love to celebrate their latest sales figures by sending teams to Breckenridge for a skiing retreat, and our trailers ensure you have the expanded infrastructure to manage more demand.
  • Weddings and Private Functions: You’ll meet many families that use Breckenridge as a tradition for weddings, reunions, anniversaries, and more.
  • Cultural and Community Events: This is a tight-knit community that loves celebrating holidays and unique cultural activities – made easier with our year-round climate control settings.

Secure Your Trailer Today!

With so much engaging activity around Breckenridge and a sense of inclusivity for all guests, our three-stall ADA restroom trailers are in short supply. Be sure to reach out to our team as early as possible for your upcoming event to secure a rental.

Our local customer support team is happy to provide answers to any questions you may have. Let’s make Breckenridge a wonderful place to visit and enjoy and use our sleek, high-capacity, and easy-to-use ADA trailers for your various occasions.