Commercial Three-Stall ADA Restroom Trailer Rental in Colorado Springs

More than 483,000 people are working, living, and playing around Colorado Springs, Co. That is a massive scale of human beings going about their daily activities, often with some unique challenges that many others take for granted. The last thing you want is for your mid-size local event not to accommodate the needs of such a diverse audience.

Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado wants to help your event serve as many attendees as possible. That is why we are offering our luxurious and comfortable three-stall ADA-compliant restroom trailers. These premium facilities provide the extra space and ease of access your customers, guests, or visitors need so they can do their business, check their hair, and get back to the incredible local events around Colorado Springs.

Creating an Inclusive Event Atmosphere

Colorado Springs has a wide range of unique activities happening all year round. From the Renaissance Festival needing extra room for costume changes to Pikes Peak Marathon with guests of all ages needing facilities, you want an ADA compliant restroom. These premium-made and modern facilities include safety handrails, wider doors, and easy-to-use ramps that work for strollers just as much as wheelchairs.

Our three-stall restroom trailers are an exceptional way to support families. Standard-sized facilities do not have the space for baby carriers, changing areas, or multiple children needing to go “right now.” Our climate-controlled interior with soft LED lighting ensures you and your family can regroup before getting back to the amazing sights, sounds, and foods at our local events.

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In addition, our three-stall ADA restroom trailers help with:

  • Outdoor Changing Rooms: Being both a restroom and added physical space is perfect when you consider the needs of people attending the state fair or Comic Con.
  • Added Safety: People of all ages come to the annual rodeo or Cinco de Mayo celebration. Our ramps and floor-level access help minimize tripping hazards to elderly attendees or those with mobility challenges and feel fully supported and safe.
  • Premium Amenities: Whether you want a climate-controlled space during Winterfest or an AC-controlled outdoor setting for a summer wedding, our restrooms have you covered.

The Answer to Guest Comfort at Colorado Springs Venues

Every one of our three-stall ADA-compliant restroom trailers uses a fully mobile footprint. This empowers your event with expandable services for VIP sections, family gatherings, and more. At 20’ x 14’ x 11’, all we need is a simple electric connection to get up and running. We also provide a convenient and quiet generator for more off-grid events (at a small fee).

Serving up to 270 people over a 5-hour event period, these spacious layouts and premium designs add an air of sophistication to events like:

  • Outdoor Events: Perfect for open-air festivals, music concerts, and even farmer’s markets.
  • Corporate Gatherings: With such a beautiful natural backdrop in Colorado Springs, our three-stall restroom trailers help infuse your corporate retreats, conferences, and team-building events with luxury.
  • Community and Cultural Celebrations: These ADA-compliant facilities cater to a diverse range of attendees, from fun wine celebrations to community gatherings and block parties.
  • Private Events: From the wedding you’ve always dreamed of to a family reunion, we upscale the atmosphere through sleekly designed facilities that do not distract from the ambiance you’ve cultivated.

Secure Your Trailer Today!

With so many event coordinators and organizers around Colorado Springs working hard to create an inclusive environment, our three-stall ADA restroom trailers tend to book quickly. Contact us today to secure your upcoming event date and bring the air of luxury, comfort, and inclusivity to your fantastic local gathering. Thank you for choosing Restroom Trailer Colorado!