Commercial Two-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Boulder

Men's restroom interior with urinals and sink.

Boulder, Colorado, is home to some of the world’s most renowned music festivals, natural settings, and strong communities. Between the many picturesque landscapes, entertaining university venues, and memorable downtime scenes, this is an area that brings in tons of tourists and local traffic.

With so many people swarming the downtown or hosting intimate gatherings, you need more than a table of treats and a tiny iPad for music. One of the best ways to make your next event one for the records is to hire our two-stall restroom trailers. These luxurious and comfortable facilities ensure all your guests, clients, attendees, and team members have a relaxing and inviting solution that enhances your activities.

Compact Luxury for Boulder Events

Not every event in Boulder is going to be at the scale of the Bluebird Music Festival or International Film Fest. Sometimes, you need a more intimate setting for your facilities, and that is precisely where we can help.

Our two-stall restroom trailers work perfectly to enhance a VIP section, corporate retreat, nearby wedding, and so much more. With easy-to-use climate control, you can bring luxury to your clients any time of year or day.

A light dusting on the ground for your holiday-themed family reunion? We’ve got you covered. Extra sunlight causing your team members to bring out the sunscreen? Our portable restroom facilities are equipped with systems to maintain a welcoming temperature inside so they can fix their hair, powder their noses, and do anything else nature requires.

The Ultimate in Restroom Versatility

Most importantly, our two-stall restroom trailers come to your location. We are happy to deliver to an outdoor festival in the Flatirons or an elegant gathering showcasing any of the local creatives presented in the city’s art galleries. We are even called upon to boost customer needs when the local breweries host a concert, launch party, or sporting event.

Every one of our trailers comes with a space-conscious design in an easy-to-manage footprint. We have outfitted the interior with soft LED lights for your guests’ convenience as well as exterior lighting for when your event goes into nighttime. Your facilities are still ready to use.

Best of all, our designs are luxurious. View our photos online, and you’ll find a sleek, modern interior that fits seamlessly into any event setting. That could be a tech summit in downtown Boulder or a yoga retreat in Chautauqua Park. If you are hosting a wedding, be sure to contact our team as early as possible, as those slots tend to fill up quickly because of the many stunning outdoor settings for performing nuptials.

Ready to Get Your Restroom Rental?

We understand the unique needs of Boulder’s vibrant event schedule. At Restroom Trailer Colorado, we strive to be a contributing member of the thriving business community and rely on our word-of-mouth marketing to expand our offerings. That is why we focus on solid customer service, reliable product delivery, and adapting to the many requests of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Give us a call today to secure your restroom rental. This is an eco-friendly solution (aligned with Boulder’s green ethos) for keeping your guests comfortable and relaxed in luxurious settings, all while complimenting your unique event theme.