Commercial Two-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Colorado Springs

Modern narrow bathroom interior design, blue and white theme.

Exploring the many beautiful landscapes and cultural events happening every year around Colorado Springs builds incredible memories you and your family can look back on fondly. However, it can be a bit of a hassle when you’re shopping, biking, or visiting a local festival and have no convenient nearby facilities.

Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado wants to change all that confusion by offering streamlined two-stall restroom trailers for your personal, business, or public event. With such a vibrant cultural scene nestled among majestic mountains, you want to maintain a sense of luxury and comfort, and that is where we can help.

Compact Luxury for Colorado Springs Events

Being among the might of the Colorado Rockies is truly an awe-inspiring site. This is a close-knit community of artists, creators, and incredible foodies that you want to share with the world. Of course, not every pop-up shop or smaller venue has full services available for the public.

A compact two-stall restroom trailer helps meet the needs of your clients and workforce without sacrificing any sense of luxury or comfort. These are modern trailers with all the amenities you could want to match your elegant event. That includes:

  • Soft LED lighting on the interior and exterior for safety.
  • Climate control settings for the winters and summers.
  • Bluetooth connections to maintain the festive environment of your location.
  • And so much more.

Our goal is to elevate your space with practical, effective, and relaxing spaces your guests will appreciate (and maybe even mention if you’re looking to boost Yelp reviews).

Running water from modern showerhead with steam.

Where to Use Your Two-Stall Restroom Trailer

Yes, we do deliver! All our two-stall restroom trailers fit easily onto our delivery vehicles to arrive safely at your location of choice. From stunning private parties with Pikes Peak in the background to the quiet and charming settings of Old Colorado City, our trailers maintain the overall ambiance of your local events.

That service includes job sites. When you have a hardworking team doing research for environmental studies or a crew restoring a historic area, you want restrooms that ensure everyone feels taken care of the whole day through.

Our two-stall restroom trailers in Colorado Springs are the perfect example of versatility. With a capacity of 5 hours serving up to 180 customers, you can easily set up a station for your corporate retreat in the Broadmoor or even private celebrations for your new addition to the family. 

Ready to Rent Your Restroom? 

At 15’ x 15’ x 11’ in size, these restrooms seamlessly fit into any local setting. We highly encourage you to schedule out your rental as soon as possible as our team frequently works with parties from weddings to graduations to business team building. That means our schedule fills up quickly. 

Stop trying to make those unsightly blue portable potties work for your elegant setting. Give your team and guests the lap of luxury, and choose our two-stall restroom trailers today! Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado is fully committed to bringing you an easy-to-use solution that is fully climate-controlled, eco-friendly, and safe for your various needs. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your rental!