Commercial Two-Stall Restroom Trailer Rental in Fort Collins

Running water from modern showerhead with steam.

Fort Collins is chock-full of incredible local events like the Taste of Fort Collins, Cirque Fest, and Sweetheart Classic. Many of these also require VIP areas, local business meetings for scheduling, and all kinds of fun family and friends settings that may not have appropriate local bathroom facilities installed. 

A great way to get around this infrastructure issue is to work with the many two-stall restroom trailer rentals available from our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado. Between the many rich cultural heritage events and lively community spirit that make this area so unique, we ensure you have a luxurious and comfortable resting space for your guests and attendees. 

Compact Luxury for Fort Collins Events

Our goal is to maintain the ambiance and luxury of your various events with quality-made and easy-to-use restroom facilities. This may be a small outdoor concert at the Aggie, a family reunion near Horsetooth Reservoir, or a boutique wedding with Old Town as your backdrop. We offer a comfortable and upscale solution so all your guests feel properly served the whole way through. 

You need a climate-controlled setting. Between the many outdoor activities and various historic sites, there is almost always something going on all year round. With Colorado State University so close by and a list of promotions held by local craft breweries and art gatherings, there is always a need to expand your restroom facilities. 

How do we know this? Our team is local. We live, work, and play around Fort Collins and understand what it means to receive customized, professional, and caring service you can rely upon. We prioritize your event’s needs by working diligently to ensure every one of our perfectly maintained two-stall restroom trailers enhances your guest’s overall experience. 

Where to Use Your Two-Stall Restroom Trailer

With full interior and exterior soft LED lighting, our two-stall restroom trailers work for a wide range of community-oriented and private events like: 

  • Intimate Weddings: Your big day should go off without a hitch, and we can help ensure all your guests feel comfortable and relieved – even up to leading the chicken dance at the reception. 
  • Corporate Retreats: Businesses of all sizes come to Fort Collins to get an escape and find the perfect setting for building team morale. 
  • Private Parties: Whether you’re celebrating reconnecting with long-lost family members or an anniversary milestone, our two-stall restroom trailers will keep the party going all night long. 
  • Local Events: Even among the rustic backdrop of Fort Collins, we provide a modern, luxurious setting perfect for up to 180 people over a 5-hour capacity. 

Ready to Rent Your Restroom?

We’ve equipped all our two-stall restroom trailers available for Fort Collins with LED lighting, climate control for any season, 2 sinks, 2 toilets, and 1 urinal. In addition, your guests will enjoy checking their makeup in our extra-tall mirrors, staying hygienic with our full-sized sinks, and dancing the night away through our integrated Bluetooth sound system.

With an amenity-rich restroom option that your guests will love, right now is the best time to secure your rental. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule your next two-stall restroom trailer rental in Fort Collins.