Four Stall Restroom Trailer Pueblo-Canon City, CO

Step into unmatched luxury and convenience with our Four Stall Restroom Trailer in the Pueblo-Canon City area. Designed to elevate your event experience, this spacious trailer combines functionality with elegance, featuring four fully-equipped private stalls. Whether you're organizing a large-scale outdoor wedding or a corporate gathering, this portable restroom solution ensures your guests enjoy premium comfort without compromise. Equipped with modern amenities and a sophisticated interior, our Four Stall Restroom Trailer delivers a seamless and pleasant restroom experience for every attendee, setting a new standard for portable sanitation in the Pueblo-Canon City region.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Four Stall Restroom Trailer offers more than just convenience—it embodies sophistication and reliability. From its durable construction to the ambient lighting and climate control, every aspect is tailored to provide an upscale atmosphere.
Restroom Trailer in Pueble-Canon

Restroom & Shower


 Pueblo-Canon Four Stall Restroom Trailer
Four Stall Restroom Trailer in Pueblo-Canon


Trailer interiors may vary.

360 People

5-Hour Event Capacity








19’(L) x 11’(W) x 12’(H)

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Introducing the epitome of convenience and luxury in portable restroom solutions: the Two Stall Restroom Trailer in Boulder. Elevate your event experience with this compact yet opulent facility, designed to cater to your guests' comfort without compromising on space or style. Offering a seamless blend of functionality and sophistication, this trailer ensures a premium restroom experience, ideal for gatherings big or small across the stunning landscapes of Boulder.

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