How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Four-Stall Restroom Trailer in Pueblo-Canon City?

Mobile restroom trailer outside Chick-fil-A restaurant.

In the greater Pueblo-Canon City of Colorado, we enjoy well over three hundred days of sunshine and outdoor activities. Everything from white water rafting along the Arkansas River to enjoying specialty foods in a pop-up restaurant or farmers’ market.

With so much activity, it only makes sense to leverage one of our luxurious and comfortable four-stall restroom trailer rentals. These are climate-controlled settings with soft interior and exterior LED lighting for your guest’s convenience. Here are some details on how we price these products for your upcoming local events.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Four-Stall Restroom Trailer in Pueblo-Canon City?

It doesn’t matter if you’re joining in a concert along Pueblo’s historic Riverwalk or witnessing the merging of two beautiful souls in a wedding near Canon City’s Royal Gorge, these premium quality four-stall restroom trailers are a sure win to keeping your attendees happy and comfortable. Some of the factors we consider in pricing include:

Enclosed white cargo trailer with open door.
  • Size of Event: How many people do you have coming to your VIP section of a local sporting event?
  • Event Location: If you are basing your location in an easy access area near amenities or off the grid in a remote area.
  • Usage: When there is alcohol, food, or other drinks available, that tends to increase the servicing we need to manage for your rental.
  • Popularity of Weekend: Demand is also a factor, as holidays and busy weekends can influence how we price our mobile restrooms.
  • Hourly vs. Flat vs. Long-Term: The duration of your event is crucial in factoring delivery times, availability, and overall service.

You give us the basic information and special request for your event through our easy-to-use online form, and we do the rest. Our professional and experienced local Pueblo-Canon City team will provide a free and quick quote for your consideration.

Average Cost of Renting a Restroom Trailer

There is no 100% flat rate we rent our four-stall restroom trailers because of the various factors we’ve discussed. Everything is based on your unique needs. For example, an event hosting up to one hundred people where alcohol and other beverages are present would probably fit into the $1,500 – $1,900 range in price. That is assuming there are nearby electrical and water hookups.

We can also provide a quiet and easy-to-use generator for more remote locations when you are not near other buildings or resources.

Additional Features to Consider

In addition to the many amenities in our premium quality four-stall restroom trailers, we can also offer Bluetooth speakers, cleaning schedules, and ADA-compliant alternatives. Our goal is to ensure your guests are completely relaxed and served throughout your event period.

Give us a call today, and let’s schedule a time to discuss your unique needs. The more info we have ahead of time, the better we can provide an accurate quote and get you all set up for your upcoming event in the greater Pueblo-Canon City area.