How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer in Breckenridge?

Outdoor festival with attendees and striped tents.

The next time you’re standing at the base of the mountain getting ready to enjoy the Race of the Santas in Breckenridge, Colorado, rely on our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado to provide a luxurious solution to your facility needs. We provide climate-controlled ten-stall restroom trailers with soft exterior and interior LED lighting.

These facilities ensure all your guests are able to get the comfort and relief needed, no matter how much hot chocolate they’ve consumed. With seven toilets, four sinks, and three urinals, these modern and streamlined mobile bathrooms are the perfect solution for your upcoming Breckenridge event. Here are some details on how we price out these products.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Ten-Stall Restroom Trailer in Breckenridge?

Servicing up to 750 guests over a five-hour event period, these are exceptional additions to your local large-scale events at the various ski resorts in our area. No matter if you have a massive wedding party and reception or are hosting an international business conference, our ten-stall restroom trailers are precisely what will enhance your special occasion. Here are some of the factors we consider in our pricing quotes.

Modern bathroom with patterned floor and large clock decor.
  • Size of Event: The total size of your expected population gives us a better idea of the number of stalls or units you will need. 
  • Event Location: If you’re located in a harder-to-reach area or further away from town, it could result in additional delivery feeds. 
  • Usage: A beer garden during Oktoberfest is a much different scenario than a simple business retreat with no alcohol or food. 
  • Popularity of Weekend: We must adjust our pricing based on popular events, holidays, and busy weekends. 
  • Hourly vs. Flat vs. Long-Term: The duration of your event is crucial to building a custom quote that fits your unique needs. 

After you have submitted your detailed online intake form, we can better adjust our prices so you can budget for your upcoming event. Be sure to include any special requirements. As a leading small business in Breckenridge, we do our best to fulfill every need possible.

Average Cost of Renting a Restroom Trailer

It’s pretty tough to list hourly rates or flat prices because of the variety of clients and inquiries we receive. As a quick example, you can expect around $3,000 to $3,400 for a ten-stall restroom trailer serving up to six hundred people over a five-hour event slot. That is, with easy access to water, electricity, and alcohol being present at the event.

We can also offer one of our quality and quiet generators so your remote event can get all the power it needs for our various mobile restrooms.

Additional Features to Consider

Getting geared up for our International Snow Sculpture Championship or Wine Classic will take more than a few posts on Facebook. Use our luxurious ten-stall restroom trailers and give your guests the upscale experience they deserve.

We can also provide Bluetooth speakers, cleaning schedules, and ADA-compliant alternatives so all your guests are properly served. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your ten-stall restroom trailer rental in Breckenridge!