How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Two-Stall Restroom Trailer in Breckenridge? 

Did you ever want to attend a local plant sale, family BBQ, or local artist featured at a nearby concert venue and need to use the restroom quickly? It can be a little tricky if there isn’t a space or too many people in line to get the job done. In these situations, you need one of our luxurious and comfortable two-stall restroom trailers in Breckenridge.

Our team at Restroom Trailer Colorado wants to ensure your guests are always treated with the utmost attention so all their needs are met. We offer competitive pricing for our restroom trailers, so whether you want to expand your ski event at any of the upscale venues or enjoy a remote outdoor mountain wedding, we have what you need.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Two-Stall Trailer in Breckenridge?

When you’re looking to rent one of our climate-controlled trailers, you should consider:

  • Size of Event: Our two-stall restroom trailers are perfect for up to 180 over a 5-hour event period. 
  • Event Location: Something in the downtown Breckenridge area is a lot easier to get to than remote sections of the ski mountains. 
  • Usage: If you have twenty-five guests at a brewing festival, they’re going to need facilities much more than a family gathering for a birthday party. 
  • Popularity of Weekend: We are just as susceptible to market demands as anyone else and adjust our pricing due to the popularity of certain dates over others. 
  • Hourly vs. Flat vs. Long-Term: How long you’ll be leveraging our restroom trailers plays a role in the final quote you’ll receive.

That is a lot of info, but don’t let that get in the way of you reaching out. We are happy to provide a free and customized quote based on your facility’s needs. Simply complete our intake form to learn what your actual costs will be.

Average Cost of Renting a Restroom Trailer

To give you a basic idea of the pricing on our two-stall restroom trailers, we charge roughly $600-$1,000 for fifty attendees at an event where there is drinking but no food. This includes having access to water and electrical connections over a 5-hour period.

If you’re in need of remote power, we do offer a quiet generator to run our bathrooms for an additional fee.

Additional Features to Consider

There are a number of other considerations for the final price tag of our modern and easy-to-use facilities. We also offer Bluetooth speaker systems, regular cleaning schedules, and a number of additional trailer sizes for larger events that include ADA-compliant options.

Give us a call today or use our intake form to find the best-fit pricing schedule for your upcoming Breckenridge event. Our two-stall restroom trailers are an excellent addition to any gathering, and we look forward to being your solution.