How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Two-Stall Restroom Trailer in Denver?

Mobile luxury restroom trailers outside a building

Life in Boulder, Colorado is exciting. There are so many incredible music festivals, natural wonders to explore, and communities full of cultural events with food, family, and fun. With so much thrilling entertainment, university venues, and picturesque downtime views nestled between stunning outdoor settings, Boulder gets a lot of traffic needing essential services.

Finding out how much it will cost to keep all your attendees safe and comfortable is essential to the quality of your occasion. That is why renting one of our two-stall restroom trailers is so crucial to your success. These luxurious and comfortable facilities are cost-effective in keeping your guests, clients, and team members relaxed all event long. Here are some details.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Two-Stall Trailer in Boulder?

There is no clear-cut hourly rate for a two-stall restroom trailer rental in Boulder, Colorado. Several factors come into play to find the best estimation for your event. Hosting something at the scale of the Bluebird Music Festival or International Film Fest is a lot different than a more intimate event like a family gathering.

When you’re looking to rent one of our climate-controlled trailers, you should consider:

  • Size of Event: How many people are attending your event? For example, our two-stall restroom trailer serves up to 180 people over a 5-hour event capacity.
  • Event Location: Boulder is a pretty wide area. If you’re located far across the city or in a hard-to-reach area, that could affect how much the rate will be.
  • Usage: A restroom for a wine tasting is going to be different from an outdoor sporting event. The amount of anticipated facility usage is a consideration.
  • Popularity of Weekend: Demand is important to us just as any other industry. On a university homecoming weekend or holiday event, we have to adjust prices to fulfill your needs.
  • Hourly vs. Flat vs. Long-Term: The length of time you’ll be using the restroom facility impacts your final fee.

Don’t worry. We will make this entire process easy. Simply fill out our intake form, and you’ll get a free estimate of the cost of renting our two-stall restroom trailer that comes with interior and exterior LED lighting.

Average Cost of Renting a Restroom Trailer

We do our best to meet the unique needs of every client. For example, a two-stall restroom trailer for 50 people where beverages are served, and there is access to a hydrant and power connection runs between $600-$1,000 for a 5-hour period.

If you’re serving food as well or need to rent out one of our quiet generators, the price gets adjusted, but this is a good starting point to give you an idea of what to expect.

Additional Features to Consider

We don’t want to leave you hanging when it comes to using any of our luxurious and modern restroom trailers. We have numerous other considerations you should look at when submitting your form.

If you want, we can include Bluetooth sound systems to maintain your overall event ambiance. We also offer regular cleaning for longer-term rentals, additional restroom trailer sizes, and even facilities that are 100% ADA-compliant.

Our delivery fees are more than reasonable, so when you’re hosting your yoga retreat in Chautauqua Park or tech summit downtown, your guests will be comfortable all day and night long. Give us a call today or fill out our online form and get your luxurious two-stall restroom trailer today!