Frequently Asked Question

General Information

   - Contact us via phone, email, or our website's “Get A Quote” feature for pricing and information.
   - Upon booking, receive an electronic deposit invoice for easy online payment.
   - Our delivery technician will schedule a specific delivery time.
   - On arrival, technicians will demonstrate the restroom or shower trailer functions.
   - All trailers feature air conditioning, heating, running water, flushing toilets, and lighting.
   - For after-hours issues, our responsive support is available through a dedicated helpline.

Capacity and Usage

   -1-Stall ADA: Up to 100 guests
   - 2-Stall: Up to 180 guests
   - 3-Stall (ADA): Up to 250 guests
   - 4-Stall: Up to 360 guests
   - 8-Stall: Up to 600 guests
   - 10-Stall: Up to 750 guests

   - 1-Stall ADA: 13 users/day
   - 2-Stall: 25 users/day
   - 3-Stall (ADA): 35 users/day
   - 4-Stall: 50 users/day
   - 8-Stall: 85 users/day
   - 10-Stall: 100 users/day

   - Note: Based on a weekly pump-out schedule. More frequent services available.

Technical Requirements

   - All trailers need 110v 20 amp circuits. Adapters and cords provided.
   - Warm/Cold weather requirements vary by trailer type and size.

   - Hose bib or garden hose connection within 250 feet. Alternative water transport is available.

Dimensions and Placement

   - Require flat, accessible terrain.
   - Can be placed inside buildings with sufficient door clearance.
   - Advantages over plastic portable toilets include reduced odors.

Reservation and Payment

   - Recommend booking two months in advance, especially during peak seasons.
   - Emergency (24/7) deliveries available; early contact advised for pending projects.

   - 50% deposit required; first month's invoice for long-term rentals.
   - Reservation confirmed via email, with a check-in a week before delivery.

Delivery and Support

   - Typically, delivery is the day before and pick-up the day after the need.
   - For weekend events, Friday delivery and Monday pick-up.
   - Flexibility for commercial projects to accommodate schedule changes.

   - Receive a reservation confirmation.
   - We maintain contact to ensure all details are up-to-date.